3D highway interchange modeling/rendering

Animation + Rendering + 3D Modeling
Transportation Visualization
3D City + Infrastructure Modeling
Interactive Virtual Environments
CGI Research and Innovation

Forum8AZ is a full-service computer graphics and visual design consultancy specializing in transportation, architecture, and urban design solutions.

Forum8 AZ specializes in 3D design and technology consultation. We create immersive visuals that our clients use at all phases of a project: proposal, concept, initial design, and construction/implementation.

Forum8 AZ also engages in cutting-edge research in computer graphics technology and virtual reality applications. We seek to push the boundaries of real-time computer graphics in the traffic analysis, urban design, planning, architecture, and environmental design fields.

Some of our clients and partners:

  • Transportation Engineering/Management
  • Environmental/Urban Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Driving Simulation/Driver Training
  • Construction
  • CGI Research