Australian Highway Project Aided by Forum8AZ Iterative Design Approach

Roads and Maritime Services of New South Wales worked with Forum8AZ to develop iterations of a highway alignment near the town of Berry. Changes to the alignment location as well as features like a noise barrier and highway landscaping were based on an ongoing dialogue with nearby residents. At key points in the highway design […] Read more »

Valley of the Sunflowers

A large parcel of vacant land in Phoenix’s urban core will soon be transformed into a vibrant garden and a source of local bio fuel. Valley of the Sunflowers is a collaborative effort between downtown Phoenix’s Adaptive Reuse of Temporary Space project (ARTS), Intel, the Phoenix Bio Science High School, and dozens of volunteers. The […] Read more »

International VR Projects Using UC-win/Road

Forum8 AZ provides design consultation services and is a licensed distributor of  the virtual reality (VR) environment UC-win/Road. This software is used globally for visualizing urban environments, managing construction projects, simulating traffic and mass transit systems, and a variety of other civil engineering, architectural, and urban design projects. Here is a glimpse of how some […] Read more »

Westport 3D, VR Drive

Forum8 AZ is finalizing developmental stages of its latest 3D simulation environment: VR-Drive, Westport. The simulation features educational driving scenarios for aspiring young drivers in Westport, Ireland, allowing them to drive through a 3D reproduction of their own city before getting behind the wheel of a real car. Read more »