3D Animations and VR Models:

Forum8′s booth at the 2011 Intelligent Transport Systems world congress in Orlando.

This animation features a 3D mesh resurfacing tool developed by Forum8AZ.

This video outlines the key construction phases for a bridge abutment in Las Vegas, Nevada. All animation was sequenced in the 3D virtual reality software UC-win/Road.

Used for traffic simulation, real-time visualization, urban design, planning, and architecture projects, the Digital Phoenix 3D model provides a content-rich environment for tackling urban challenges of all varieties.

UK Train station model featuring Legion pedestrian simulation.

This VR model demonstrates changes to an 8 signal phase intersection in Nedlands, Australia. The model was created to demonstrate the added efficiency of minor changes to slip lanes and signal timings.

An interactive educational tool for young drivers, VR Drive runs users through a driving tour of Westport, Ireland, a hazard course, and an ECO-drive challenge that demonstrates how aggressive gas/braking behaviors affect fuel consumption.